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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time - The Petition (yet again) for ID info

I have to wait another few months before the Adoption court will repetition my birth parents (I know I know old school adoption reform activist I am politically incorrect in that "term" sorry) for ID medical or any information period.  In "Adoption Land" time is everything.  We try and be patient and wait.  But, people pass, people get lost, and we lose so much in "waiting mode".  It can be agonizing.  I am not in bad company which is a huge blessing I have so many that walk my shoes.  In the meantime I will fight the good fight....for truth and honesty in adoption policy.


Traces of past memories and shadows of the ghosts.
From another place and time I catch a glimpse at most.
Invisible are the barriers that are keeping me restrained.
From discovering hidden truths I'm so desperate to obtain.
Through obscure and secret passages through storms and
pouring rain, for remnants from so long ago I search and search
in vain.
Anxious to finally discover desperate to put to an end.
The anguish that's my enemy to make peace my final friend.
It's all I need to fill my life with content are those two names.
Until that time I live between the agony and the pain.

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  1. Good just doesn't have to be this way, so inhumane and cruel.Keep strong.