Assembling Self

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Adoption Awareness Month - I'm all too aware

Being rejected by family is not unusual.  Most families have their problems and issues.  And, it's tough to take.  In adoption the emotions multiply, because many of us are rejected by not one, but two families.  And, several times over at that.  From birth, to adoption, to search, to reunion, it can be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating, and I can go on with adjectives but you get the "picture" as provided above.  Adoption is not the cure all for unplanned pregnancies.  It does not "fix" what is wrong.  It simply changes it.  As adoptees, we need to be heard, and understood, but mostly, we need the truth.

Life's Links

As flower to bee, as leaf to tree, as cloud to sky and rain.
As foot to toe, as face to nose, as person to a name.
Together these like fish to sea forever will belong.
Just as notes an artist wrote, or lyrics to a song.
Like tracks to a train this perpetual chain is what the world's based on.
There's links between each living thing, and dusk that turns to dawn.
A lost key to a lock, a stopped hand on a clock, are vital connections gone.
Like pasts left behind that we need to find in order to carry on.
I hope you know what I'm trying to show, the point I'm attempting to make.
Like a child to its mother, or sister and brother, some bonds aren't meant to break.


  1. I really like this, especially the internal rhymes in lines 5 and 7.

  2. Thanks L. I inherited my musical talents and pentameter abilities honestly. Bgreatgrandmother was a concert pianist and teacher. I was a concert pianist and scholarshipped flutist and teacher. I try and use my powers for good. ;)

  3. And you do!

    I think music must have a lot to do with it. I have some students who just do not comprehend stress, meter, etc...until I sing or rap to them, in front of the whole class, which is mortifying for all of us. (-:

  4. LOL I love the image you just gave me! I also was THRILLED when I found out my biological mother's favorite thing was dancing. Seems I have the ability to choreograph and have been doing it since I was young and all the way to dance team captain at the local University. Just sad I didn't know where those talents came from, I might have actually believed in myself. (sigh)