Assembling Self

Friday, April 30, 2010

DENIED - By The Government

Preparing for our march for adoptee rights in Dallas this afternoon.  We are hoping for media attention as Sarah Palin is in Dallas speaking to help the Gladney Center for Adoption raise funds.  Gladney is the only adoption agency in Texas that continually testifies against the efforts of adoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents in their efforts to restore the rights of adoptees access to their OBC's.  Most major Adoption Institutions and agencies that operate for the welfare of adoptees now agree on open records in adoption.  Children are our most precious resource we have.  The Government and Adoption Agencies have no right to treat us as commodities.  If Adoptees are to feel they are like everyone else we need to be treated as such.  My records My right!

DENIED - By The Government

I plead though they ignore my cries.
The record's sealed is their reply.
Time and time again I ask.
I'm told to put it in the past.
I can't get them to try and see.
They have what belongs to me.
I beg for truth but no one hears.
It only falls upon deaf ears.
I get no matter how I try.
The same stone cold response DENIED.

Karen Belanger
Assembling Self

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