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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The land of make believe

It's fairy tales and fantasy.  It's the realm from daydreams to nightmares.  It's what books and movies are based on.  But for many of us it is our life.

I remember being told I was adopted very young perhaps five.  My parents had told me this perplexing news then stopped at that.  It opened up so many questions, unending ones.  It was puzzling being told something of this depth and magnitude and then shutting the vault and closing the book on it forever.  It didn't make sense to me, it still doesn't, it never will.  Don't ask don't tell should have been the motto for adoption not the army.

I dreamed as a child I was a long lost princess, ok not so far fetched for a child, but as I grew older my dreams matured I wondered if there was a mother out there weeping for her lost child?  Was she dead or alive?  Where did she live and where was the rest of my "family"?  Everytime I heard that song "Somewhere out there" I cried.  I hate to admit it but sometimes I still do.

I will never ever (and did I mention EVER?) understand or believe it is good sound reasoning to base a person's life on falsified records, secrets, and hidden truths.  In what capacity did anyone think at some point in time the wheels would not come off this malformed, unaligned, misshapen, vehicle called adoption.  It has broken down, come unglued and apart at the hinges, and now it's time for a massive overhaul.  It's not too late, it's never too late, I will never give up the fight.

And as usual I'll end with my Mantra:  If we teach our children to tell the truth then first we must tell it to them.

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