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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom for Adoptees


I plead though they ignore my cries.
The record's sealed is their reply.
Time and time again I ask.
I'm told to put it in the past.
I can't get them to try and see.
They have what belongs to me.
I beg for truth but no one hears.
It only falls upon deaf ears.
I get no matter how I try.
The same stone cold response.

Today is a great day for Americans to celebrate.  For many adoptees it is another day we are denied the same rights as other citizens of this country.  We can believe we are a country that supports the rights of the citizens that live here and celebrate that, but adoptees know and live another truth.

My original birth certificate, the one every other citizen of this country is granted upon request for a small fee, is held by the state by "law".  Laws I had no right or say in, and laws that dictate I am held and bound by agreements made by other parties without my consent.  This is discrimination at the least.

Adoptees live with out full truth.  And are expected to be grateful to do so.  We are NOT!  We are not asking for anything other than what other citizens can have.

So today while you are celebrating your freedom remember that there are citizens who can not do that like others do.  And btw, it not only effects adoptees but their children too.  Hence, my handsome son with the sign in the photo above.  He at a young age got that I am left without the knowledge and capability to know where he or I came from and who he really is too.  If a young 12 year old can understand, why can't legislators?  Why can't the rest of the world?

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” ~Abraham Lincoln

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